Monday, March 9, 2015

Busy Week!

The beginning of this week seems like a long time ago, a lot's been happening. We've got some very exciting updates on the people I mentioned last week. Our 11 yr old investigator is getting baptized in a few weeks and she is so amazing. She has such great faith and is so sweet. It is a joy to teach her because she is so eager to learn and act! It's different teaching someone so young, they accept things more easily, their hearts are more open, and you have to teach more simply. It's a struggle for me sometimes, I've been so used to college kids with lots of questions, but the gospel really is simple and straightforward. We also got to teach the Hernandez family this week who showed up at church in a different ward last week and are eager to learn. We've had trouble getting back in contact with them recently, so keep them in your prayers, they are so great and it's the first family I've been able to really work with on my mission, I'm excited about it! :)

We also had MLC this week and we've been focusing a lot on Vision lately and unifying the mission and exercising faith in accomplishing what the Lord would have us do. I've been thinking a lot on what I need to change and work on personally so that I can do what the Lord needs done. I went on exchanges this week with a wonderful sister. She is so diligent and organized and inspired me to be better. I am grateful to serve with wonderful people who are eager to do the will of the Lord.

Another thing I'm really grateful for in this area is the opportunity to do so much more meaningful service. I really didn't get to do much of that in College Station because we didn't have time and we hadn't found as many opportunities. Here we have things 3x a week! Thursday we voluntereed at the arboretum and potted plants for a few hours. Thank goodness we got the inside job because it was quite chilly. But we also got to work with some amazing people not of our faith and I just loved getting to talk to them about their lives and their interests and passions. I have gained such a love for talking to people, it's invigorating! When I don't get to on days we're planning more and have just a few appointments, or when we don't get to spend much time finding I feel different. Talking to people makes me feel like a missionary, but it also just makes me happy! Every single person is a child of God and has infinite worth and I get the opportunity to meet so many of them who each have unique backgrounds and experiences and challenges and strengths.. I think that's something I need to keep up after the mission, I need people more than I thought I did. Sorry my time's run out, I wanted to share some insights about the sacrament I had sitting in church on Sunday. Go read the Bible Dictionary on Sacrifice, just the first little bit is so profound and there's so much to learn from all of it. But I looked at the 6 different parts of offering sacrifice in Old Testament times and thought about that in relation to the sacrament. Tell me what you think. Love you lots!


Sister Andreason

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