Monday, March 16, 2015


Sorry y'all, this is going to be really short. We're going to the Rodeo today and I'm pumped! :D We spent most of this week teaching Callie, our 11 yr old getting baptized this weekend! She is so great and so eager to follow the things she is learning. I am so impressed by her simple faith. We've been over there almost every day this week, what a miracle to get to teach her and help her family in the last few weeks we have here. I've been thinking a lot about faith this week. How we grow faith, what we can do through faith... Something that stuck out was that our faith grows through obedience that leads to consecration. Obedience and sacrifice lead us to consecration and a willingness to do all the Lord asks of us. As we come to know God better and as we trust him enough to be obedient we will be blessed to work many might miracles. Study faith in Preach My Gospel! There's lots to learn! 

Love y'all! Sorry it's so short this week.


Sister Andreason

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