Monday, March 2, 2015

New Area Going Strong

Hey Y'all!

Life has been pretty good the past week. There's been a lot of changes, but I'm feeling the strength of the Lord and I know my capacity to remember things and learn people and places quickly has definitely been increased. I feel like I've been here several weeks already, even though it hasn't been a full week yet! I'm with Sister Combs, who is awesome. She's dedicated and fun and we came out together! We were roommates in the MTC. So since we both have 5 weeks left, we figured they're probably pulling Sisters out of this area (like they're doing with many areas just because we don't have the number of missionaries we used to. Our mission is losing a net 90 somethin' missionaries) So it makes for a very interesting transfer and we're trying to help all the work going on here transition smoothly to the elders who are staying in the area and yet still keep busy and effective up until we leave... it's a trick for sure. But we have seen incredible miracles here!!

First off, I'm in Cypress Creek, which is similar to my first area, Spring Branch, in that we have a really nice apartment because the rest of the area is a little ghetto, and it's not even that bad, there are many other areas in the mission that are much higher on the sketchy scale. We have a strong ward with many great people sharing the gospel and the work is just thriving! We got in with a part member family last week who decided they wanted to come back, and their 11 yr old daughter wants to be baptized. We didn't find her though, her beehive leader was looking at who should be coming to New Beginnings and decided to stop by and invited her and we have this miracle. You have more influence for good than you know!! So we're teaching her tonight and she came to church yesterday. 

We're working with a bunch of other people and some recent converts who have been through a lot in their life. I think the Lord needed to remind me of some lessons and help me meet more people in this area, I love it here already. We also had some Elders call us and tell us there's  a family that wants to become Mormon who walked into their ward today, but they're in our we're seeing them today too. What incredible miracles! I've never gotten to really teach a family having been in YSA wards for the past year. I'm so excited for the things that are happening here.

And I didn't even mention how the campus work is going! 

So the day I got here I started calling around to everyone I knew and talking to some of the people that the Institute teachers had recommended down here. We're working on the Lonestar, North Harris Campus right now, and most of the people that go there are in the Sam Houston 1st Ward, which I served in several months ago! So I know many of those people already, and Frank, who is going to be our LDSSA president I know really well because I taught him all the new member lessons! So we've been working hard to get everything ready that he needs to meet with some other people today to get the club officially recognized by then end of the week so we can go recruit people to join it and come to Institute as soon as possible. That side of things have moved miraculously quickly as well. I am so happy my knowledge and connections could be put to such good use here.

It's weird being back in a family ward. Sacrament was louder, there's kids everywhere, there's other wards in our building... I didn't realize how used to the YSA I'd gotten :P the adjustment is good for me. Thanks for your love and prayers! I'm excited for the next 5 weeks and the miracles they will bring and for the chance I have to be serving here among such wonderful people as the Lord's missionary.

 I'm so excited for my brother Caleb to be joining the ranks today as Elder Andreason. 

Love y'all!

Sister Andreason

This is an older picture of me at Tiffany's Baptism

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