Monday, April 28, 2014

Gratitude and Garage Sales

Wow, so lots going on this week and short time to write it all. Most exciting was our neighbor investigator coming to all 3 hours of church this week! The ward was super friendly to her and she had a great experience. We taught Gospel Principles because our ward mission leader who usually teaches it was driving to Disneyworld for the week with his family... which is not such a bad place to be. We taught about the importance of covenants and what they are. We focused a lot on baptism and the sacrament and we think it was really good for her. When she left she told us she had a lot to think about, which I'm sure she did. We're excited to talk to her again this week, and we're also going to a Bible study with her and a bunch of people also in our apartment complex on Wednesday. Should be exciting!

Also, our new ward is great. They're putting things back together after the split, but our new Bishop is from one of the greatest families in the ward and he's all gung-ho about missionary work and advocated for our suffering meal calendar. Yay! We've been trying to visit a lot more of our members (having meal appointments helps such things) and teach them the lessons from Preach My Gospel. The theory is that we'll get to know them better and they'll trust us more as they see us teach. It's starting to work and I really love working with a ward who loves us.

We also had specialized training and interviews with our mission president this week. I love being able to talk with President! There's so many of us that we only get about 7 minutes with him, but it's so nice to get his advice and counsel and encouragement. I had questions on how I could regain some of the fire and energy I feel like I've lost since the beginning of my mission and he gave me some good suggestions that really helped me. He told me to focus on gratitude and look for ways to sacrifice for others. I've started writing good things that happened each day on a little index card again. It's something my trainer and I did back in November that really helps me focus on all the blessings I have and the hand of the Lord in my life. President Uchtdorf gave a wonderful talk on the importance of gratitude this past conference. If you're doubting the significance of gratitude, go read that talk.

Final fun thing of the week. We went yard-saleing all Saturday morning and afternoon! Now before you ask, "what does that have to do with missionary work?" let me tell you. It's the best way to find lots of people to talk to, especially in Magnolia where there's not a lot of places where large amounts of people gather. So we went yard saleing and got to talk to a lot more people than we've ever gotten to in other efforts. We even taught a lesson to a member's neighbor as they were doing a yard-sale together! Also, we found stuff for our apartment that we really needed for really cheap. Score! Garage sales are my new favorite way to contact people; too bad they only happen on Saturdays.

Love you all! Look for ways to be more grateful this week. I promise it'll make you happier.


Sister Andreason

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