Monday, November 17, 2014

Drive-through Safari and Melane's Baptism

Sorry guys this is gonna be short. I got to go to a drive-through Safari today #onlyintexas

This was the craziest coolest place ever. Texas has very few laws on exotic animals, so there were all kinds of animals out on this patch of land in middle-of-nowhere Franklin Texas. You go and pay and buy a big bucket of feed and they give you some plastic cups and then you drive into the animal enclosure and the animals come up to get food and stick their heads in the car windows. It's so cool! So we had goats and sheep and weird deer of several varieties, bison, water buffalo, camels, alpacas, ostriches.... all come up to the car and get food from us and follow our car around. Some of it was kinda scary, but they were all super nice animals, a little pushy, and it was super fun. Best P-day adventure yet. We went with some members in our ward and we all had a lot of fun.

This week has also been full of miracles. Melane got baptized this week too!! It was so great. She has such great faith and is so sensitive to the needs of others and caring. Her baptism was really powerful, as was her confirmation, and you can see a difference in her. There is confidence and clarity that has filled her since acting on her decision to be baptized. She bore her testimony on Sunday of the peace that she felt and Sister McLean and I were just so happy and proud :D

We also met this girl who grew up Atheist but who is so eager to learn the gospel. It's very different teaching her than most other people we teach who have such a strong Christian background already. She's such a little baby in the gospel and it's been an interesting challenge making things as simple as possible to help her understand. Life is good!! Love you all lots! Thanks for all the good you're doing!


Sister Andreason

Melane before her baptism

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