Monday, June 30, 2014

Temple and Growth

Dear family and friends,

President Pingree leaves tomorrow which breaks my heart, but President Mortensen flew in today and we get to meet him on Friday! I feel really blessed that I get to have two mission presidents and it's exactly 1/2 through my mission. This past week President Pingree planned probably the coolest thing ever to happen to missionaries. We got to go to the temple (so blessed to have one so close) and do an endowment session, and then sit in the temple with Pres Pingree and the temple president and learn and ask questions for 2 hours. Whoa. Some of the questions we discussed were the ones I sent in my last email, but Pres Crane, the temple president also asked us to consider these while we were in the temple:

1. What is my true identity?
2. What does it mean to be an agent?
3. What does it mean to offer sacrifice in the similitude of the great Sacrifice of the Son of God?

I learned a lot as I contemplated those questions in the Lord's holy house and as we shared insights with each other. We are truly children of our Heavenly Father. He loves us and we have the potential to be like Him. That's what this life is all about, progression, growth, becoming what He wants us to be. 

The sweetest moment for me was when we walked into the celestial room in the temple. We came in one or two at a time and President Pingree was waiting there to greet us individually. The amount that he knows each of the 300 or so missionaries here continues to amaze me. He complimented and encouraged us in something specific and told us how much he loved us. I went and sat down in the room and watched as missionary after missionary came through and President did the same thing for each of them. I was overwhelmed with the amount of love that he had for each of us and it reminded me of how much the Savior must love all of us. I think President Pingree is one of the most Christ-like people I've ever met. You can't help but love him because he loves you first. You always feel encouraged and lifted when you're with him. That's the kind of person I want to be.

In other news we have some of the greatest investigators ever. Charlie is rock solid and amazing. We had a great lesson when one of our recent converts was able to come with us and share his experiences in moving towards baptism. Frank was baptized a couple months ago and just shared his story with Charlie and addressed concerns we didn't even know about. We talked about setting goals as an act of faith and then taking a plan to the Lord and asking if it's right. So we're planning on July 19th for his baptism! I am so excited. There is no better way to grow to love people than by helping them learn more about Jesus Christ.

One of our other recent converts got to teach Gospel Principles class this week. We've been putting recent converts with other members and having them team-teach. It's been really successful and Sandra put so much effort into her lesson. It was so good! It was all about the Holy Ghost and she had so many experiences that she shared of the way the Spirit helped influence her as she came to develop a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Church.

Taylor is also doing really well. She just soaks up everything we teach her so fast. We've taught most of the commandments and her date isn't till the end of July. Speaking of the end of July, we have 3 people planning on getting baptized July 26th. Taylor, and an investigator the Elders in our ward are teaching, and another YSA who Elders in another ward are teaching because they live closer. What amazing miracles. This is the Lord's work. He is involved in the amazing miracles and blessings that happen so frequently.

Love you all! Keep the Pingree and Mortensen families in your prayers. They both have 5+ kids and it's a huge transition.


Sister Andreason

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