Monday, August 18, 2014

Family History and Temples


So one of the highlights of this week was being able to attend the temple with Taylor, our recent convert, to do baptisms for her first time. She has gotten very involved in family history and had researched 5+ generations of work within the past week and she was able to take those names to the temple. It was really powerful to go with her and see the powerful connection she had with her ancestors. There are people on the other side who care about us and are working to help us, especially as we are trying to help them by doing their work in the temple. In addition to Taylor there were 4 other recent converts there for the first time between our ward and the other singles ward. What an incredible experience to witness them moving forward in the gospel and helping their ancestors as well. There were so many people who attended that night that there was not even room to sit. I wasn't able to do baptisms there were so many people, but I brought 16 names of my family members who needed their work done and got to watch that happen. I'm excited to be able to do more of their temple work. The temple is an amazing place. There is so much peace and direction to be found there, and there are so many incredible blessings as we do family history. I never really realized how incredible that could be until I learned more about it on my mission. Don't let those blessings go unclaimed by you.

We had a wonderful lesson with our investigator Christina on that same subject last night. It's inspiring to be around her. She shares her testimony and conviction with us frequently. She is reading the Book of Mormon and loving it more and more. We got her a family history account yesterday and she's excited to do that as well. I am just so grateful to be able to be with such great people. I feel like I get taught more when I meet with her than we teach her.

I also went on a couple exchanges this week. The first one was just for an hour. My companion and one of the other sisters who live with us were both feeling really sick, so Sister Ae (who came out with me) and I let them recover and we went to a park to go talk to people. It was great!! We actually only ended up talking with 2 people, but that's because we had amazing conversations/lessons with both of the people we talked to. One of them was recently made the president of a group of elderly Lutheran singles. We had an amazing conversation with her and gave her a Book of Mormon which she is eager to read! She also said her group of single seniors likes learning about different religions and they toured a Jewish synagogue recently. We offered her a tour of the temple grounds which she liked. So who knows? Maybe we'll teach a big group of Lutheran senior singles about the temple! :) My other exchange was in Inwood (one of the ghetto areas) and it was super great. The people down there are so willing to listen and we taught a bunch of new people.

We also had an amazing miracle last Monday. We usually attend one of the 4 FHE groups because there are usually non-members who come that either we or the members have invited. But last Monday several of the groups got moved to different locations so we drove around unable to find one and then decided our time would be better spent talking to people at a park. As soon as we got out of our car a member who was at this park motions us over and introduces us to his friend!! We had a super great lesson with them Saturday. We're passing him to the Spanish missionaries because we think that's where he'll flourish best, but it was so cool that the Lord placed us there at that time. Also, this family fed us dinner before the lesson and the dad complimented my taco-eating skills. He said I built and ate my tacos like a Mexican. Fun fact guys. Also one of the funniest compliments I have ever received. :)

We got to tear out carpet this week to help one of our ward members. Super fun. Also had the best/ healthiest green smoothie of my life there. Half our ward is leaving because summer is ending. It'll be a fun adjustment! We're going to try to contact Charlie again this week. Please pray for him and for us. Thank you for all you do! 
Love you lots!!!


Sister Andreason

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